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ACT Refresher

Review ACT strategies, evaluate and correct timing & mistake patterns.

Objective: Increase previous ACT score

These Sessions are for the Student who has completed the ACT Tutoring. Students order their Test Results with Answers from the ACT. They are offered for the December, April and June tests at an additional cost. It takes approximately 6 weeks to get the Answers so it may be a good idea to order them when you sign up for the ACT.


​The number of Sessions required will  be determined after reviewing the student’s Test Results With Answers. The minimum number of Sessions would be two; the maximum would be six.  The cost will be determined on an individual basis. Our goal is for the student to correct all mistakes and work on timing issues in order to increase their score on the next test. 

Cost: $175 - $550


1 Sessions: $175

2 Sessions: $250

3 Sessions: $325 

4 Sessions: $400 

5 Sessions: $475 

6 Sessions: $550

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