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ACT Coaching

Increase test scores by implementing strategies. Build confidence and reduce stress!

ACT Coaching  •  ACT Refresher  •  Essay Assistance

Objective: Gain acceptance into college and increase scholarship money

Braincoach ACT Tutoring consists of 14-15 one-hour sessions. Our focus is on Strategy. Each Section - English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing - has a different Strategy. All Sessions will focus on those individual Strategies. The student will take two complete tests – section by section. They will take the first test with the instructor to learn the strategies. The second test will be taken on their own. It will be timed and scored and the student will correct all mistakes. I am a firm believer in learning from your mistakes. The ACT is a four-hour test. We also emphasize taking care of themselves by getting a good night's sleep and eating a high-protein breakfast the day of the test.

Cost: $1600 - $1675


Session 01: Introduction and Personal Development 

Session 02: English test strategy

Session 03: Take English test with instructor, using strategies

Session 04: Reading test strategy 

Session 05: Take Reading test with instructor, using strategies 

Session 06: Reading Practice Skills 

Session 07: Take Science test with instructor, using strategies 

Session 08: Take a timed English test, score and correct it* 

Session 09: Take a timed Reading test, score and correct it* 

Session 10: Take a timed Science test, score and correct it* 

Session 11: Take 1/2 Math test with instructor and review Math formulas (Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry).
A math formula sheet will be provided to review the skills needed for the test. 

Session 12: Finish Math test 

Session 13: Take a timed Math test and score it* 

Session 14: Exit Session- Correct Math test and review all strategies 

Session 15: (optional) Writing Strategies** additional $75   


* After reviewing individual strategies 

** The Writing Section is optional and incurs an extra charge from ACT. Some colleges require the Writing, some recommend it, while others don't even look at it. It is a good idea to take the Writing just in case the college you choose wants it.


Payment Terms:

  • $100 deposit at time of scheduling (paid within 10 days of verbal agreement). After a schedule has been agreed upon, this deposit will secure that schedule.

  • $750 due at the 1st Session, balance due at the 8th Session.

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