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You've got questions. Here are some answers. Please contact us to review your specific needs and questions.

Why choose Braincoach?

Our program is based on personal experience with the ACT. Because we have taken the ACT over 40 times, we understand the question structures and expectations for the answers.  As a result, we have developed specialized strategies for each section. BrainCoach partners with students to develop a relationship of trust and understanding. Together we commit to building confidence in their approach to the ACT and achieving their personal best score on the test.

When should we begin preparing for the ACT? How will I know if my child is ready?

Ideally, their Junior year (17-years-old) as this is when they are physically and academically ready.   Consider the intention behind choosing when to take the test. Our goal at BrainCoach is to position them to do their best.

Should my student also prepare for, and take, the SAT?

This is an individual decision. The SAT and ACT are 2 completely different tests. Most schools take both, so we recommend focusing on one.  However, we strongly recommend the ACT because it is predictable.   The SAT has 11 sections: the sequence of each section changes from test to test. The predictability of the ACT creates the ability for improvement between tests.  The structure of each ACT is the same and the student can request the test booklet/answers with the April, June, and December tests.

Should my student take the PSAT or take the ACT early for practice?

This is an individual decision. The purpose of the PSAT in the junior year is the opportunity to become a National Merit Scholar and earn a National Merit Scholarship.  Consider the goal behind taking the PSAT early.  If it is to do their personal best, then early may not be the best idea. If the goal is to have a sense of familiarity with the test, you must consider your child’s personality. If your child mentally attaches their intelligence to the test, a poor score may reduce confidence, and a good score may translate as ‘not good enough’. Again, BrainCoach’s goal is to help our students achieve their personal best. Always consider the goal behind testing decisions and position children to do their best by considering their schedule (do not test in the middle of their peak sports season), their stress level, their personality, and academic preparedness.

Do you offer a ‘classroom-type’ option at a lower fee?

No, because most schools/franchise facilities provide those options. The brilliance of the one-on-one environment combined with the key BrainCoach strategies is that we meticulously watch your child think and how they put their pencil to the paper. It allows us to personalize the program to achieve their personal best. We focus on individual concerns and overcome stumbling blocks as we find them. This process builds confidence. We understand and appreciate the time and financial commitment being made when choosing BrainCoach. We take this seriously. Our intention is to partner with you and your student to gain admission into the school of their choice and ultimately to acquire significant scholarship money. 

How do I schedule?

In order to get the best schedule for your student, it’s important that you contact us as soon as possible. We do our best to customize the schedule based on each student’s availability (sports, work, activities). When we agree on a workable schedule, you can secure that schedule with a deposit. Availability is VERY limited. We prefer to schedule students one-hour sessions, twice a week for six weeks right before the test date. During the summer, we are able to be more flexible and schedule some Sessions during the day. It's good to start with a regular schedule (In other words, every Tuesday @ 4:30). That makes it easier for the student to set up their schedules.

What are the costs for the courses?

ACT Tutoring ranges from $1600-$1700 depending on optional Writing Strategies.
ACT Refresher is $800
Essay Assistance is $50/hr

What is your cancellation policy?

Things happen. We get that, and we try to be as flexible as we can with our scheduling. In order to ensure that ALL students benefit from our services, we ask that everyone please follow our Cancellation/Rescheduling policy as outlined:

• Please review your schedule CAREFULLY prior to confirmation to prevent any conflicts with your other activities.
• Cancellations MUST be made 24 hours in advance for rescheduling purposes.
• No-shows or cancellations made without 24 hours notice will be charged a $75 Rescheduling fee (to be paid before next Session).
• Although we will do our VERY best, rescheduled Sessions cannot be guaranteed.
• If a rescheduling request is made by us, we will give the same 24 hours notice and do our best to work within the original schedule.

Are Braincoach courses one-on-one?

Absolutely! There is a huge advantage to one-on-one tutoring: we have the student’s full attention, their parents are supportive and we are able to customize the program to each student’s ability.

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