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The Braincoach Approach

Our playbook is based on personal experience. After taking the test over 40 times and tutoring over 1,000 students, we have honed to perfection the Braincoach curriculum. We constantly keep up with changes and adjust our strategies accordingly.


Learn the Playbook

There are four sections to the ACT: English, Math, Reading and Science*. Each requires a completely different strategy. Our strategies are designed to find the correct answer as quickly as possible in order for each student to get their best possible score.


Train with Practice Sessions

Our Practice Sessions engage the student in each of the four ACT sections. They are given the opportunity to practice the strategies with us in order to gain the confidence and skills necessary to do well on the ACT.


Play a Scrimmage

Our Scrimmage is designed to allow the student to put all of the pieces of the Playbook and Practice Sessions together in a Practice Test. Each test will be timed and scored. The student will then correct all mistakes with their coach in order to identify strengths and weaknesses to improve their game even more.


Prepare for The Big Game

We’ve shown them the rules, given them the tools and now it’s time to play the game: the Official ACT test! We send our students to the Big Game with the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

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