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Get Ready
for a Whole New Approach to the ACT

Braincoach teaches students how to take the ACT to maximize scores while minimizing stress.

One-on-One Courses

From preparing for the ACT to gaining college acceptance, each Braincoach course is one-on-one, completely personalized, and is focused on strategy and technique.

ACT Coaching

Increase test scores by implementing strategies. Build confidence. Reduce stress.

ACT Refresher

Review the ACT strategies, evaluate and correct timing and mistake patterns.

Essay Assistance

Edit college admission essay and develop a plan to fulfill college requirements.

It's Not About Smarts.
It's About Strategy.

 Although the ACT score determines college acceptance and scholarship money, it has little to do with actual knowledge. 

We teach our students the strategies that will help them reach their goal. We can’t change the rules, but we can show them how to play the game.

The Brain Coaches 

 We’ve personally taken the ACT over 40 times.
We know the structure. We know the expectations. 

With this experience, we’ve developed proven and effective strategies for each section of the ACT to build student confidence so that they are able to achieve their personal best.

Patti Brua

“My job is to create an environment in which the student has an opportunity to be successful, teach them to see the vitality in themselves and respect their differences. My approach to the ACT is uniquely designed to build the student’s confidence and ultimately their score.”

Stephanie Brua

"I’m all about winning the ACT game with the most straight-forward, to-the-point, get’er done strategies. As an ACT coach, I am able to do just that - provide your student with the best strategies based on real experience so they can achieve their personal best on the ACT."


From why Braincoach may be your best option to when to consider taking the ACT to where the magic happens at our home-based office. You have questions. We have answers.

The Word on the Street

“Patti tutored both of my sons for the ACT test. After working with Patti, their scores improved from a 31 to a 33 and from a 32 to a 35. The increase in scores resulted in an additional $1250 in scholarship money from OSU per year for each of them, which will save us $10,000 in tuition. I think that is a great return on our investment.”

- Jennifer Hinton

“The tutoring provided by Braincoach was invaluable for our son... The tutoring was truly about giving him the tools and knowledge to understand the art of test-taking!”

- Mary Jo Vannatta

“The best money I’ve ever spent on my son.”

- Dr. J. Gunasakera

"Patti Brua is an excellent tutor who is able to teach her kids the tips and tricks to be successful on the ACT while creating a homey experience that makes you look forward to each and every visit. I wouldn't be at the College I am today without the help of Patti.”

- Connor Vannatta

“I can’t thank you enough for all of the time and effort you put into helping me! You completely restructured my way of thinking about the test, and the practice with you was so extremely helpful. I can’t believe my science score went up EIGHT points from the last time I took the ACT! You guys are amazing. Thanks for being so accommodating, sweet and funny. I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me so much. You rock!”

- Emma Powers

“I’ve known Mrs. Brua for over twelve years. She has helped me succeed throughout my academic career, from tutoring me in math in 5th grade to providing me with suggestions on my application to graduate school at UD. Without her constant guidance, support, and wisdom, I would not have experienced the academic success that I have. The support and tutoring she provides for the ACT is fantastic. The ACT can be overwhelming for some but, she breaks each section down and thoroughly examines them with her students. Along the way, Mrs. Brua provides invaluable tips on how to do well in each section, turning the ACT from an unconquerable mountain into a manageable molehill.”

-Tom Razauskis

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